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In an IB PYP school, students learn through the lenses of six transdisciplinary themes: Who We Are, Where We Are in Place and Time, How We Organize Ourselves, How the World Works, How We Express Ourselves, and Sharing the Planet.

Transdisciplinary means that the themes do not fall within the confines of traditional subject areas, such as math, science, or reading. Instead, these themes encourage students to explore knowledge across subjects throughout the day, including in specials classes. From kindergarten through fifth grade, students participate in one unit per year under each of these themes. In preschool, students participate in four units per year. Each year, the learning builds on knowledge from previous years. Every unit is focused around a central idea and lines of inquiry which help to further define the knowledge students will learn. The knowledge we teach throughout every unit is guided by Colorado Academic Standards, PYP scope and sequence documents, the transdisciplinary themes, and the natural curiosities of children.

Who We Are
How the World Works
Where We Are in Place and Time
How We Organize Ourselves
How We Express Ourselves
Sharing the Planet